Pre-fabricated modular hospital (infectious diseases hospital)

Construction of a prefabricated modular infectious diseases hospital with 270 beds and 30 PIT beds

Client: «KAZPACO (КАЗПАКО)» BI Group

  • Project design
  • Equipment delivery
  • Installation
  • Software programming

  • Building automation system based on Schneider Electric EcoStruxureTM Building Operation software and hardware platform

System functionality:
  • Monitoring of pump sets for drinking water and fire suppression (1 unit);
  • Monitoring and control of germicidal air treatment filters (56 units);
  • Monitoring of chillers (3 units)
  • Monitoring of cold water supply system
  • Supervision of circulation pumps (2 + 1 pumps)
  • Supervision of air handling units (12 units)
  • Monitoring of a diesel generator plant (1 unit)
  • Monitoring of a boiler plant, including DHW, heating and external circuits
  • Monitoring of chlorination plant
  • Monitoring of sewage pumping station
  • Control of compressor (medical gases) (2 units)
  • Monitoring of hemodialysis station (1 unit)

Functional capacity of the project:
  • 1500 data points