Business Center Territorial Block

Client: U-Con Three (BI Group)

  • Project design
  • Equipment delivery
  • Installation
  • Software programming

  • Building automation system based on Schneider Electric EcoStruxureTM Building Operation software and hardware platform

  • Structured cabling system based on Actassi series of equipment manufactured by Schneider Electric

Functional components:
  • Supervision of air handling units (9 supply and exhaust units, 3 air supply units)
  • Supervision of air exhaust fans (38 units)
  • Supervision of electrical lightning (92 groups)
  • Supervision of heating plant (4 DHW, 4 ventilation, 4 heating circuit pumps)
  • Supervision of WSS pumps (3 units)
  • Monitoring of automated drainage pits (3 units)

Functional capacity: 700 data points