Kazakh National Academy of Choreography

Client: Branch office of «Bazis»

  • Project design
  • Equipment delivery
  • Installation
  • Software programming

  • Building Automation system based on Siemens DESIGO PX series and Siemens Desigo Insight SCADA software

Automated, supervised or monitored equipment:
  • Air handling units controlled by Desigo PX with automation logic developed by our own team (44 units)
  • Supervised drinking water supply plant and cold water supply plant
  • Four heating plants with automated weather-aware functions, controlled by Danfoss ECL controllers, integrated into Desigo PX via Modbus

  • Organized into 3 separate sites with 3 separate Desigo Insight stations

Functional scale 4536 data points, of which:
  • Educational site 1655 data points
  • Ballet site 1340 data points
  • Theater site 1541 data points
  • Automated sprinkler-based and deluge fire suppression on each site
  • Automated gas fire suppression system in server rooms in Educational site and in Theater.