Administrative Building General Attorney’s Office of Republic of Kazakhstan

Client: «Kulager» construction company

  • Project design
  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Software programming

  • Building Automation system based on Siemens DESIGO PX series and Siemens Desigo Insight SCADA software version 4

Automated, supervised or monitored equipment:
  • Introducing new Desigo PX PXC100D and PXC200D controllers
  • Automated air handling units, - 40 units
  • Third-party automated chillers controlled by Ferroli controllers, integrated into Desigo via communication protocols
  • Heating plants: 7 plants equipped with pumps controlled by Sauter variable frequency drivers, integrated via Desigo PX Open protocols
  • Monitoring of automated power distribution cabinets
  • Monitoring of electric power parameters (U, I, f)
  • Supervision of electrical lighting, - 12 switchboards

  • Functional capacity: 2490 data points

  • Automation of water pumping station for sprinkler-pased fire extinguishing system.
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